Monday, April 5, 2010

Xbox 360 Transfer Kit Now Available

If you ever run out of space on your 360's hard-drive or you just wanted to back up or copy your files onto a separate 360 drive, or your protective and you don't like to ever lose the memory stored on the device... In the past your options have been limited to buying a whole new drive just to get the transfer kit. But Now Microsoft is offers the kit by itself, instead of forcing you to pay. In order to transfer your data you have to buy a kit that's usually close to $14.99 but, some even say they can find it online for cheaper. Back up your 360 today!!

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  1. The video game problem on "running out of memory" is common for many gaming enthusiasts. Everybody wants to copy or back up their favorite games when the space of hard drive of Xbox 360 is limited. Thanks for describing about the offer of memory solution for Xbox 360 Transfer Kit which is available at so much cheaper price at $14.99. But I always use rent video game online free trial service before buying then in hard cash.


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