Friday, April 16, 2010

Why Is Nintendo Offering 500 Wii Points

Nintendo offering free wii points. Technically speaking yes nintendo is giving 500 wii points redeemable at the nintendo shop channel. You can get these free wii points by helping someone who owns a wii and you simply have to assist that wii owner connect to the wifi server. If you have helped anyone recently take down there serial code and enter it in for your free 500 points. Until yesterday nintendo had only offered 500 wii points per customer but, currently you can get as many wii points depending on how many people you help out. Its 500 free wii points spend it on wii ware or even some game you desire today check out and participate in this Nintendo offer. For all you that are interested but do not know how to set up the internet connection follow these instructions below.

Simply, go to options click settings click your positive botton untill you see internet click it. If you have parent control set up you have to enter your code and once your in go to connection and chose wireless or wired. Keep in mind that wii has built in wifi. The rest of the setup is easy and straight forward but if your choosing wireless select connection 3 and search for the nearest access point. Once you have completed your setup you should be connected to the shop channel and than you can download the internet icon from the shop channel. If your helping someone with the set up take there serial number and enter it in to get you 500 wii points redeemable at the shop channel. I hope this helped become a part of this great offer while it lasts.

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