Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Splinter Cell Getting Bigger

Splinter Cell Conviction getting bigger? yes, you heard it right the game is going to be released soon for all of us keen buyers but what happens if we do not have a 360. Don't worry check out the new 360 splinter cell conviction bundle. It comes with an elite xbox 360 console and the splinter cell game. now there's no way the game can possibly go out of stock, and you don't even have to wait the next morning in line, buy a new console and make them more money that's great right ?. Well i wouldn't agree buying a new console for just the game but things could change, will the new 360 bundle be a hit in the market or would people still prefer to get a normal 360 console and buy the game on top we should find out soon but in the mean time keep gaming and check out the bundle!.

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