Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Top upcoming video games

top upcoming games that will be releases soon:

mass effect 2 -xbox 360( Jan 26, 2010)
halo:reach -xbox 360 (december 31 2010)
battle feild bad company 2 -360 (march 30 2010)
final fantasy xii -playstaton/360(march 09 2010)
god of war iii -ps3 (march 30 2010)
mass effect collecters edition -360 /pc (jan 26 2010)
MAG - playstation 3 (jan 26 2010)
heavy rain -ps3 (feb 23rd 2010)
bioshock2 -360 (feb 09 2010)
aliens vs. prededitor -360/ps3/pc (feb 16th 2010)
red dead desemption - ps3 (april 27th 2010)

these games are probably the most anticipated games that will be coming out and entering the market soon throughout the couple months, and more gamer review and video trailers will be posted soon as well as follow ups and updates


  1. yes cant wait for red dead desemption !!!

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