Tuesday, January 26, 2010

free microsoft points

do you need free microsoft points for other download-able content or for the new halo map pack, if you need free microsoft points continue reading this article that will explain how to get your free microsoft points for only few minutes of work and easily get your free mircosoft points quickly and completely free.
This website is extremely amazing and simple to use and its probably fastest site for us to get our free microsoft points all you have to do is follow these quick steps and get your free microsoft points card
step 1)first where it says "click here" you will have to click and it will take you to the site, where you can get your free microsoft points in less than a day! once you click the link you will have to signup with the information required and than your on your way to earn your free microsoft points.click here
step 2) you will have to validate your email. you will recive an email from p2s and you will have to confirm by clicking it and log back on the site
***this step is very important or you will not be able to get your free reward***
step 3) this step is importent as well you have to complete an free offer to gain points
(these offers are simple and take amost a second to do) you have to go to main offers and click free offers try the offers below there really easy and fast
Some good offers to complete that are very quick
1. Arcamax Politcal Newsletter - Just requires a simple email submit (15 points)
2. Arcamax Weather Newsletter - Email Submit (15 points)
step 4) This is where you order your prize. Click on "shop on amazon", where it shows pointss Now order some microsoft points.They will sent right to your house or almost instantly through an email depending on what you choose!
*Once you've gotten your free microsoft points you can still earn points for other things like free xbox live, wii points, free controllers, and free xbox games! This is completely free, legal and easy. get started here

follow this quick easy tutorial on how to get your free microsoft points the free and easy way and for newer posts check back

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